We provide tailored advisory services to help businesses thrive in the digital landscape. Let us work with you to craft strategies and solutions that drive success.


We offer private consultations with our clients in portfolio management to identify and assess their needs and risk tolerance, and tailor made solutions to address their requirements.

Our individualistic approach enables our firm to identify and then cater to the particular needs of our clients, thus creating a relationship based on full transparency, professionalism, and long-term collaboration.


Our Investment Services include:

All the Investment Services are offered by AJK Wealth Management Limited (regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission with license number 139/11).


We offer management for our clients’ properties around the world. This includes, but extends far beyond buying, selling, maintaining, and managing both short-term rentals (listed on platforms like Booking and Airbnb) and long-term leases.

Our property management services are provided by AJK Properties Ltd, a dedicated subsidiary of the Group.


Creating and administrating international trusts to ensure proper succession and continuity of management of clients personal assets in the unfortunate event of their incapacitation or demise.

​ In most cases, succession instruments are further complemented by the Investment Services offered through our regulated financial entities in Cyprus and Switzerland.

​ Succession Planning services are offered by AJK Trustee Services Ltd, a dedicated subsidiary of the Group, under the CySEC License of AJK Bureau of Consultants Ltd.

The Portfolio Management service is also offered by AJK Wealth Management (Schweiz) AG (member of the VQF Financial Services Standards Association in its function as an Industry Organization for Asset Management, with Registration Number CHE-113.429.123).

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AJK has its own dedicated teams of highly qualified professionals that also help clients with the administration of their private structures as well as support with banking, accounting and financial reporting.

These services are offered by AJK Bureau of Consultants Ltd, Cyprus, which is regulated by CySEC under License number 01/196

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