Custody and Reception & Transmission


Custody Services refer to the safekeeping of assets by utilizing reputable global sub-custodians while ensuring the clients’ confidentiality.

AJK Wealth offers Custody Services that cover a variety of financial instruments in markets around the world.

Client assets are segregated with the use of advanced software, enabling the clients to receive their portfolio statements reflecting their investments on a daily basis or upon request.

Reception & Transmission

Reception & Transmission of orders refers to the reception of a purchase or sale order from the client and the immediate transmission of the instructions to the counterparty for execution.

Our professional and experienced team ensures the receipt of client orders and their transmission to the counterparty in a timely and professional manner. The clients are in position to make buy and sell transactions in most exchanges around the world. The Reception & Transmission Officers continuously monitor the status of the orders until the client receives the official confirmation for their execution. Moreover, they make sure that all client orders are treated with confidentiality and ensure the provision of equal and fair treatment for all clients.

The Reception & Transmission team is also in a position to provide the clients with information with regard to real-time market prices of financial instruments and ensure a highly competitive pricing on securities with low commission fees on all orders.