Who we are.

AJK began operations in May 1993 in Cyprus, and has since then evolved into a highly respected international Wealth Management Group with clients all around the world.

AJK is entirely owned by its management and is free from any ownership or control by any banking, financial or insurance organization.

The Group has built its reputation by being fully committed to a business philosophy and working environment, which prides itself in offering top level wealth management services.

Our investment philosophy

Our investment philosophy primarily focuses on preserving the real value of our clients’ assets (wealth preservation), while providing sufficient cash flow (income generation) for their needs. This is achieved through intensive and effective asset management, rigorous decision-making processes and adherence to robust risk management procedures.



Strong Affirmations

with a number of prime banks around the world, giving us an important and extensive advantage in obtaining timely world-class research.




to major financial centres around the world through our network of affiliates, able to directly source investment opportunities.

Strong client base

with significant wealth portfolios maintained in private banks placing us in a competitive position in obtaining better pricing and also access to initial public offerings.



Deep and extensive insight

and understanding of the industry and significant know-how due to our background and experience of the Global Financial Markets.

Honest & trustworthy

Caring, Qualified, Professional and Competent personnel


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Dr. Andreas Karapatakis

Group Managing Director, TEP
B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Economics from the University of Connecticut (U.S.A.)

Mr. George Malactos

Executive Director
B.A. Economics from the Indiana University (U.S.A.)

Mr. Jean-Pierre Haroutounian

Director, TEP, Legal Department
L.L.B Honors from the University of Wolverhampton (U.K.)

Mr. Marios Vardas

Director, Wealth Management Services
B.Sc. Business Studies from the University of Indianapolis (U.S.A.)

Mr. Nikos Christou

Director, Swiss Office
B.A. Economics and History from the Indiana University (U.S.A.)

Mr. Socrates Philippou

Director, Asset Management Services
L.L.B Honors from the University of Wolverhampton (U.K.)
B.A., M.A. Business Administration from the University of Connecticut (U.S.A.)

Mr. George Karapatakis

Director, Alternative Investments
B.S. Kelley School of Business – Indiana University (U.S.A)
M.S. Carey Business School – Johns Hopkins University (U.S.A.)