About Us

AJK Wealth Management Limited (AJK Wealth) began operations in April 2011 and is a member of the AJK Group of Companies (founded in 1993) with a Leading Direction for Financial Services. AJK Wealth is a licensed Investment Firm, regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (License Number 139/11) to provide Investment Advice, Portfolio Management, Reception & Transmission of orders and Custody Services. In addition, the Company is authorized to provide Asset Consolidation Services.

AJK Wealth employs multi-disciplinary professionals with a broad diversity of educational and professional backgrounds in research, advisory, and portfolio management. Our professional ethics and culture ensure confidentiality, integrity and high quality and excellence for the services provided. AJK Wealth, conforming to its policies and procedures and the requirements of the Law, offers services to its clients of guaranteed transparency, diligence and objectivity. We act honestly and professionally towards each client and we take into account the client’s profile so as to ensure that the service is suitable and of the highest standard.